“Pastor Kingsley is just too good. He is loaded. Though I am a practicing Muslim but his talk on true and false love on TV this Sunday has really inspired me.”

• “Pastor Kingsley good day sir, I enjoy watching your program a lot and I live in Warri. I wish I could invite you to hold a program here. Keep up the good work. Nat from Warri.”

These are just a few of the miracles that you get to work as a partner with pastor Kingsley by putting Love, Dating and Marriage on

television. It’s only been three years on Silverbird television and the results have been amazing. Calls from all parts of the country Abuja, Ibadan, Ijebu-ode, Warri,

Onitsha, etc just name it. The response has been tremendous. People calling in to say they were blessed or that they were just saved from breaking their marriage or delivered

from a serious relationship mistake and all this because you obeyed God by putting your financial seed in the vision.


The concept of partnership has existed from the Old Testament to the New Testament
Who would ever listen to this kind of talk?
The share of the one who stays with the gear
is the share of the who fights – equal shares.
Share and share alike! From that day on,
David made that the rule in Israel – and it still is.
1 Samuel 30:24-25 [msg]

…because I have you in my heart;
inasmuch as both in my bonds,
and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel,
ye all are partakers of my grace.
Phil 1:7 KJV

From these two scriptures the idea is if you cant go personally around the world preaching the gospel but you can support someone who is, then both of you have equal

share in the reward. It’s just as if you did the preaching yourself. It’s just like buying shares in a company. You might not work there but at the end of the year

you get a part of the profit. The only difference is that with spiritual partnership the blessing transcends just the natural world you still get the reward in heaven as

well. Secondly, you also have access to the same grace of God on the ministry.


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